I left my heart in San Francisco

Long time Weekenders! My apologies for the delay in blog posts. I have recently started a new job and it’s been a little crazy trying to readjust everything! I am so excited about this post, mainly because San Francisco really surprised me during my visit, and I can’t wait to show you why!

I took this trip at the end of January because lets face it winter in Michigan is just terrible..I am sure if you look up the term winter blues, someone in Michigan probably said it first. The best thing about San Francisco is their amazing and PREDICTABLE weather. The entire time I was there I never needed more than a light jacket and the Cali sun was beaming all day everrrrrdayyyyy. Mind you when I booked this trip I was not thinking this was a place I would carve a spot in my heart for, BUT let me tell you something I now understand why so many people say West Coast Best Coast.

Day 1- Pier 39/ Fisherman’s Warf

So I flew into San Francisco on a Thursday night after work, I was too tired to do anything other than go check out the Bay Bridge. The area is so beautiful at night, the bridge literally sparkles (you can’t tell in the picture but the lights glimmer down the bridge) and you can see it reflecting off the water. With a walking trail right next to the water in view of the bridge it was a relaxing evening walk.

Bay Bridge

Friday morning the day was started with breakfast at an elegant french bakery, Boudin, (https://www.boudinbakery.com/index.cfm), right on Fisherman’s Warf near Pier 39. I chose the amazing Nutella waffle, surprise surprise there was something Nutella and Morgan ordered it. Boudin offered a nice selection of sandwiches made on their homemade bread that is going around the store in carousels waiting for you. Boudin also offered a wonderful selection of some of San Francisco’s finest exports and gifts.


After breakfast we were ready to begin the rest of the day! Starting at Pier 39 we went walking and exploring the shops along the way. The pier has tons of restaurants, gift shops and even a carousel for the kids..or adults..we like to have fun too!! Check their website for a complete listing! (https://www.pier39.com)  At the end of Pier 39 you can look out to the water and see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and my favorite..SEA LIONS!! So many sea lions around this area, and San Francisco does a great job providing wooden docks for the Sea Lions to beach themselves on.


We spent the rest of the sunlight shopping and exploring San Francisco. You have to go to Union Square and check out the original trolley! On the corner of Market and Powell streets you can board the Trolley and ride it all the way back to Fisherman’s Warf. It was well worth the wait and ticket price of $14 (https://www.sfcablecar.com/). The ride was quite long, and you are free to exit the trolley at whatever stop you would like. We chose to get off at Lombard Street. Unfortunately because it was off season there wasn’t any flowers blooming, but google Lombard Street and you’ll see why it is worth the stop!

Day 1- Twin Peaks at Sunset

Ah Twin Peaks one of the most beautiful views I have ever come across in my life. After some research and a suggestion from our Airbnb host, his profile is here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3759246?wl_source=list&wl_id=191745788&role=wishlist_collaborator&adults=1&children=0&infants=0, amazing guy and great location. ANYWAYS we ended up on top of this pair of hills with 360 views of San Francisco. From the top you could see the skyline, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean.


I know you are probably wondering where the sunset pictures are..wait until Day 2 🙂

Day 2- Sausalito

A short drive across the bridge from San Fran is a beautiful hillside town called Sausalito. Arriving here early to stop at Bayside Cafe (http://www.baysidecafe-sausalito.com/), one of the most amazing omelettes I’ve ever had for sure! After breakfast we wanted to walk around downtown and take some pictures. It was a well spent few hours and  the views were incredible.


Day 2- Pacific Coast Highway

This day was literally a dream come true. One thing I knew for sure I would do on this trip was Drive from San Francisco to the Carmel Highlands on the beloved PCH 1. My love had surprised me by renting a Black Mustang convertible, yea I know had a little fan girl meltdown. We spent the entire day driving the coast with the top down hair blowing in the wind. The plan was to start early and then catch the sunset in Big Sur. Well we didn’t catch the sunset there because I stopped one to many times to put my feet in the water..don’t judge. BUT we did make it to Carmel Highlands which is arguably just as brilliant of a coast line.



Now I’ve seen a lot of movies with PCH 1 and I was like okay whatever this has got to be somewhere super exotic..but no..there it is..and guys the drive literally looks like this the whole way. JUST PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN TAKING PICTURES THERE IS NO RAILING. I do not need someone flipping off the cliff for the perfect insta photo. On this drive you will cruise through Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel Highlands and Big Sur, and hey you can keep going further south this was my last day so unfortunately I couldn’t do that 😦


Dream Come True Pacific Coast Highway


On the way back to San Francisco I was craving some Mexican food so we stopped at a little place right of PCH, Baja Cantina & Grill, for some provisions (http://www.carmelcantina.com/). Highly Highly recommend it was super good, and their guacamole was served in a massive chip bowl..so that basically says everything right?!


Day 3- Homeward Bound

Day three, the travel day. Ugh no one wants to go home after a vacation especially one as beautiful as this one. So to wrap up the trip I had two more things I had wanted to see before I boarded my flight home. First Mosaic Stairs, and second the infamous Painted Ladies of San Francisco! Mosaic stairs are a little hidden gem that is actually right next to my airbnb (seriously if you go to San Fran check his listing out!)


Crazy pretty right?!! Well I won’t spoil the view from the top for you..But it’s even better. Just make sure to lock you car and don’t leave your purse in it..that is what those white signs are saying. High traffic tourist area so there is a chance for theft as usual. Just be smart. Next stop was for the Painted Ladies!


Painted Ladies anyone? “You got it dude” See what I did there..Full House..anyways! There is a cool park across the street which was under construction during this trip so didn’t get a straight on photo. But holy moly are these places pretty! Not to mention you get the backdrop of the modern skyline behind the ladies. After our two last sites were crossed off the list we grabbed some amazing Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy at Kate’s Kitchen (http://kateskitchensfca.com/14685) and jetted back off to Michigan. I left (part of) my heart in San Francisco..




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